Task 2

Task 2: Collection pollution data

This task was conducted into 3 directions: 

  • First, rather complete and detailed data set was collected near the highway for 4 periods (winter, spring, summer, fall) of two weeks each; 
  • Second, the definition of the types (motorization, truck/car/…) and age of the vehicles will be determined from their license plate collected with the help of four especially devoted cameras. This pollution data collection was made during the period of fall (September 11 to October)
  • Third, a set of exhaust pipe measurements on three circuits made by a diesel light duty vehicle instrumented with Horiba Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) was collected. This system is connected to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle in order to measure emissions exhaust temperature and exhaust flow. The gases analyzed were NOx, CO2, CO and THC. The measurements were done on three different journeys. The vehicle was also equipped with a GPS device. This will permit to link the emissions and speed. As the journeys where made during the same periods and at the same location as the helicopter flights, we chose to paint the top of the vehicle with a yellow and black checkerboard. We can then compare the GPS localization and the positions of this vehicle deduced from the helicopter trajectories of task 1 to have an estimation of the precision of trajectories measurements. Globally, this experiment allowed us to record exhaust emission and speed of the vehicle in different traffic conditions. 

The first data set is already available on this web site after registering. Link to the datastore