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Those pages are devoted to the MOCoPo project dealing with traffic and pollution data and modeling. The data are in free access provided that you are registered here. The site is currently under construction, so please visit it again to be informed on the new available data sets. The web site offers you access to: 

  • A detailed description of the project  with the presentation of the various data collection and modeling tasks;
  • A map  to present the detectors and zone where data where collected on the two lanes highway in south of the city of Grenoble (a urban area of about 700,000 inhabitants located in the French Alps);
  • A document page where you will find photos, videos, reports on data collection description and eventually papers published (by the MOCoPo team or by you) with the help of the MOCoPo data;
  • A data page presenting an interface that will allow you to download the data you need.

The MOCoPo project is funded by the French Ministry in chage of Transport (MEDDTL), through the PREDIT (Research and Innovation in Land Transport Program). The project began in January 2011 and will end up in December 2013. Various research institutes and universities, some teams of the MEDDTL and pollution measurements associations are involved in the project:

  • LICIT (Transport and Traffic Engineering Laboratory, joint unit of IFSTTAR and ENTPE)
  • LTE (Transports & Environment Laboratory, IFSTTAR)
  • LEPSIS (Laboratory for Road Operations, Perception, Simulators and Simulations, IFSTTAR)
  • IM (Infrastructures and Mobility Department, IFSTTAR)
  • MACS (Monitoring, Assessment, Computational Sciences, IFSTTAR)
  • NECS (Networked Control Systems, join unit of INRIA, Grenoble University and CNRS))
  • Atmo Rhône-Alpes
  • DIR-CE (Center- East Direction of Roads)
  • LRPC Angers (Regional Laboratory of Angers)
  • CEREMA ex CERTU (Center for Cities and Urban Transportation)
  • CEREA (Center of Teaching and Research in Atmospheric Environment, laboratory Ecole des Ponts ParisTech / EDF R&D )